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Eternal The M.C.’s 2nd Studio Album Dive DeEP is available worldwide!


Eternal The MC
Born and raised in Clinton Hills, Brooklyn, NY

Eshod Howard knew he had a message to deliver to the world. He began to really work on his craft while studying psychology at Shaw University in North Carolina. His industry influences include both local and national hip hop artist like Rakim, Jay-Z, Biggie, Mos Def, Jeezy, Skyzoo and Kendrick Lamar. When he realized his passion, he became serious about picking a stage name. He noticed people gravitated towards his music and his words. “I thought long and hard of a name to exemplify how far I’ve come and where I plan to go, hence Eternal was born. I proclaimed myself Eternal because I want to live forever through my body of work.” He aspires to make music to cause conversation and touch people’s souls. “I want my music to be able to invoke change for the better. I want my music to connect to the greatness in every person."

  • Lyricist
  • Creative
  • Songwriter
  • Activist


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